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Coach Richmand LLC

Coach Richmand LLC
Work and Life Coach 
Helping Profesionals Succeed and Create Balance Since 2006
(sub-specialties: Marketing, Organization and Time Managment)

Coaching Clients Worldwide 

Via Skype, Facetime or Telephone

(Local in-person meetings in NY upon request) 


"...if people are having trouble moving forward, she’s certainly the right coach to visit. "
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Feeling Stuck?
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Reasons Clients Hire Coach Richmand

Professional Advancement: Have you hit a road block in your career or business? I partner with clients to overcome whatever is getting in their way. Together, we work to overcome obstacles and develop plans of action. Depending on client needs, I offer skill development in the areas of interpersonal communications, networking (social media and in-person), time-management and organization.

Decision Making: As we advance, the consequences of our professional and personal decisions increase in significance and affect more people. Consequently, it is easy to get stuck in cyclical thinking patterns and become paralyzed. In coaching, the process of examining choices, assessing risk, overcoming obstacles and testing assumptions can help you to see your world more clearly and ultimately choose a path that best fits your values and goals. 

Work & Life Balance: The road toward finding balance between a demanding career. personal endeavors and family differs for everyone. Individual values, support systems, organizational methods, communication skills and thought processes all come into play. I help clients work through the intricacies and find solutions that feel right. I also help clients incorporate new time management, organizational, communication, processing and/or parenting skills as the circumstances require. 

Business/Entrepreneurial Management: In addition to working in the corporate sector, I have extensive entrepreneurial experience. I understand the unique challenges facing people who own businesses or work on commission. Motivation, productivity, time-management, resourcefulness, creativity and stick-to-itiveness are all essential components for success and skills we work on in coaching. In addition, I assist clients who manage other employees with motivational skills, policies and procedures, methods of communication and productivity incentives. 

Holistic Coaching Approach: Your career is only a part of who you are. How you face personal challanges is equally important to your success, health and overall well-being. Hence, I incorporate relationship, parenting, financial and health coaching, as necessary, into sessions. 

Topics Covered in Coaching Include:
  • Balance 
  • Business Development/Marketing
  • Career Advancement
  • Goal Development and Achievement 
  • Image Building
  • Interpersonal Communication and Listening Skills
  • Management Skill Development
  • Networking Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Overcoming Obstacles 
  • Parenting Skills
  • Procrastination/Avoidance
  • Productivity
  • Relationship Building
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Social Media Training
  • Strategy
  • Time Manage


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