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Is There Room In Your Life For Your True Priorities? 

Make space in your life for what you want to do or achieve.  If you decide something is a priority, honor it by giving the tasks associated with it a prominent and recurring place on your calendar.

Do You Sabotage Yourself With Your Self Talk? 

Examine closely the words you use when speaking to yourself about your goals and the tasks necessary to achieve them.

What words are getting in your way?  Do they provoke fear, avoidance and/or untested assumptions?  You can coach yourself to succeed by examining what you are telling yourself. The biggest indicator of potential success or perceived failure will be the words you choose.

A New Way to Remember to Complete Tasks on Time
Oh, Don't Forget!
A website to help you get it all together

It made TIME magazine's 50 Best Websites of 2007 list and ITS FREE!! Do you ever need to make an important call, but continuously forget until it's too late? Many clients feel overwhelmed with their "to do lists" and get frustrated when important tasks fall through the cracks. is a free website that allows you to schedule text messages to be sent to your cell phone to remind you of just about anything. The calendar alarms on cell phones are frustrating to program. This is easy. You can do it from the comfort of your home or office computer keyboard. You choose the message and date and time of text delivery.

I am a big fan of this tool because we all live such busy lives. We keep adding to our "to do" lists, but we rarely cut back. This site allows you to plan for the next day in many creative ways. You can even schedule reminders for other people in your life--employees, family members and friends.

Do you want to remind your colleagues of a meeting? Send a text message the night before to be delivered at 9AM. Want to remind your babysitter to pick up your daughter at 3PM? Send her a text message in the morning to be delivered at 2:30PM. What a great delegation tool!

Caution: Do not over use. It could be counter productive. Its beauty is in its novelty.

Preparing for the Holidays:  Parenting and Socializing Tips
To get the best out of your children at parties and family gatherings this holiday season think about trying the following:

1. Discuss in advance where you will be going and who will be there. Children often do best when they are prepared for what they will encounter.

2. Provide a check-list of what your child needs to do to prepare for the event (so they can get themselves ready) including what time they should start getting dressed and what time you want to leave your home. Your child will feel proud when he/she comes to you with a completed check list.

3. Discuss expectations and anything you can foresee coming up. If no other children will be present, discuss what you can bring to keep him/her occupied. If there will be many children present and you are worried about over stimulation, discuss what your child can do to keep him/herself calm or out of fights.

4. Ask your child if he/she has any concerns about the day/evening. When getting together with other families sometimes there may be social issues that can be avoided by talking about them in advance. Make sure your child's expectations are realistic.

5. Discuss how you would like your child to greet adults and/or engage in table manners.

Last, remember to have realistic expectations that are in line with your child's current ability to socialize and maintain impulse control. Avoid the urge to discipline in public. If a problem arises, find a private place to talk quietly with your child. Ask your child questions to find out what happened and problem solve instead of discipline if possible.

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