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Adult ADHD Coaching (Workplace & Home)
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Linda Richmand, Certified Professional Coach
Coaching for your Career, Business & Life (sub-specialty in Adult ADHD Coaching)

Coaching Clients Worldwide 

Via Skype, Facetime or Telephone

(Local in-person meetings in NY upon request) 


Testimonials From People Just Like You 

". . . if people are having trouble moving forward, she's certainly the right coach to visit." 
Westchester Magazine - Westchester Chronicles - June 2007
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Linked-In testimonials are posted by clients and can be varified. 


"What can seem like 'mind clutter', Linda is able to sift through and prioritize in a way that motivates a person to action."
Lawyer & Parent
"I have never been so inspired and motivated to move forward with a more positive outlook on life."

 Business Owner
"Linda is insightful, clear and can take any negative situation and turn it into a positive life lesson."
Sales Rep
"Linda opened my eyes to new possibilities. She is a charming, warm and enthusiastic person who brings a positive approach to helping children."
"Thanks for showing me the way!"