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Adult ADHD Coaching (Workplace & Home)
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Adult ADHD: Career, Workplace and Life Balance Coaching

Linda Richmand, Certified Professional Coach
Work and Life Coach 
 Helping Profesionals Succeed and Create Balance Since 2006

Coaching Clients Worldwide 

Via Skype, Facetime or Telephone

(Local in-person meetings in NY upon request) 


Feeling Stuck?
 Conquer Forgetfulness, Scattered Thinking, Time Management Issues & Impulsivity

Adult ADHD Coaching combines general coaching principles with the added benefit of strategies cultivated specifically for the ADHD mind. Discussion of the latest research and customization of proven compensation tools for clients' specific needs are integral parts of the process. An official diagnosis is not necessary to benefit from ADHD coaching.

Adults with ADHD often have...
  • excellent ideas
  • the ability to hyper-focus at certain times on specific tasks 
  • strengths that seemingly should lead to successes 
  • capability to multi-task 
  • perseverance
  • creative thinking

But, these symptoms can get in the way...
  • scattered thinking
  • overwhelm easily
  • time loss & managment issues
  • difficulty getting started
  • task jumping 
  • low self esteem
  • hiding and avoidance 
  • perceived lack of support
  • assumption that past failures are obstacles to future successes 
  • forgetfulness
  • poor follow-through  

As your ADHD Coach, I can help you...
  • manage time and responsibilities 
  • decrease scatterred thinking and actions
  • establish organizational tools
  • develop and clarify personal and professional goals
  • build confidence, momentum and drive to succeed
  • provide ADHD education
  • teach compensation skills for forgetfulness 
  • create weekly plans toward goal accomplishment
  • provide accountability through periodic emails between sessions
  • determine and overcome obstacles
  • challenge assumptions
  • recognize the difference between fear and intuition based decisions
  • work to develop winning outlook essential for success 

Wondering If Coaching Is For You?
It is my pleasure to answer questions
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