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Is Life Coaching For You?

Linda Richmand, Certified Professional Coach
Coaching for your Career, Business & Life (sub-specialty in Adult ADHD Coaching)

Coaching Clients Worldwide 

Via Skype, Facetime or Telephone

(Local in-person meetings in NY upon request) 


"Life Coaching helps people like you to
 define goals, overcome obstacles, discover strengths, organize time,
honor values and ultimately realize their full potential."

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1) Please indicate the main reason you are considering hiring a coach.
Career Advancement
Entrepreneurship/Small Business Development
Life Balance
Time Management
Decision Making
Make a Plan
Move Forward In Personal Life
2) In addition to goal achievement, I work with clients toward mastering life skills. Which life skill(s) listed below do you feel you could benefit from focusing upon?
Networking Skills (person to person)
Social Networking Skills (computer)
Living Your Values
Staying On Task/Focus
Building Momentum
Chunking Down Large Goals Into Smaller Doable Tasks
Changing Self-Talk
Other (Use space at end to elaborate)
3) In the box below please complete the following sentence: I am interested in coaching because I hope to _______________________.
4) On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the greatest) how badly do you want to achieve your professional or personal goals?
1 - 2 "Not so much"
3 - 4 "Someone else thinks I should"
5 - 6 "I am feeling like its probably time"
7 - 8 "I think about it often, but just don't know if I am ready to start"
9 - 10 "I am ready to move forward today"
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